Friday, 23 May 2008

The last 2 months in summary

Well, even blogging a simple training diary seems to be beyond my ability/organisation/enthusiasm. Must try harder in future. It seems like lots has been going on in recent weeks, hence the lack of blogging, I got busy, lost the impetus.

In no particular order then:
SSUK at Drumlanrig - brilliant! Fell out of love with my Karate Monkey, got well beaten up trying to work it around the trails and trying to keep up with Biff. I lost. Made up with the Monkey the day after though.

Paddy Buckley recces: no, I'm not doing it, but I did a couple of days in the hills with Phil from Tod who's aiming to do the round later in the year. Interesting to see how doable 20 miles is when you walk the climbs!

Anglesey century: took advantage of a rare weather window a couple of weeks back and churned out 100 miles on the surprisingly hilly Anglesey. Out for 8 hours, averaged 15 mph while riding, 1800+m ascent, all good.

1000m Peaks recce: did the Aber - Ogwen section with Emlyn & Justin in a leaisurely 3 and a bit hours. good visibility, handy iawn.

Snowdon bike: hiked up the miners track, pinned it down the Llanberis path. The best descent in the UK? I should coco.

Promise to be more regular in future.

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