Sunday, 20 May 2007

Foel Fras fell race

13.5 miles with 1000m of ascent, finished in 2h 02 mins. It was really a training run for the 1000m Peaks race, in terms of distance atleast, so I was pretty happy to finish feeling reasonably strong after having passed a few guys over the last couple of miles. Still finished behind the fastest over 60 though :)

Friday, 18 May 2007

evening run

Met up with a bunch of fell runners, expecting to go for a 90 minute run. Ended up being out for 2 1/2 hours - a bit longer than expected! Still it was a steadt pace and I didn't die or anything, so it must have been good training...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New van

So I got a Berlingo - Woo! Seems like the ideal thing for trips with bikes, plus no more getting laughed at for turning up at the builder's merchants in a Fiat Punto. Oh, no - in my new Berlingo i shall command total respect from them, and when I go to B&Q I'll be getting jealous looks from people thinking "Grr - he's got a Berlingo van and I've just got a Ford Mondullo". But it will not faze me.

I'll put some pics up when (if) I can be bothered.

Moel Elio - 12th May

Fell running as it should be - straight up a big hill along a bit then straight down. I wanted to put some extra miles in as preparation for the Welsh 1000m Peaks race, so i ran over to Llanberis to the start of the race and ran home afterwards. Consequently I didn't really race, I plodded round even slower than usual and finished with a particularly unimpressive time of 97:23. All told I ran about 14 miles and didn't even feel to bad afterwards.

Dyfi Enduro - 6th May

Well, what a blinkin brilliant event that was - a live band, dancing girls, people snorting lines of SIS 'Go' at the feed station - cycling's the new rock n roll I tell thee. The course length seemed to vary depending on who you spoke to but I'm going with 68km, with about a billion metres of ascent. The Karate Monkey ate it all up and spat me out at the end. finished in 3:37 ish I think. Best event of its kind bar none.