Thursday, 8 November 2007

Snowdonia Marathon

I suppose I should say something about this, it's not everyday you do a Marathon after all. I didn't take the whole training thing too seriously - did a lot of biking, obviously, went for a couple of long runds (2 -3 hours) and even did a few runs on the road. I thought I'd be OK to get to the finish, but I wasn't sure how hard it would be.
As it turned out, I felt good for the first 17 miles, then my calves started to tighten up. I briefly thought about stopping to stretch, but thought it woldn't make a lot of difference so carried on. By 22 miles my legs really didn't want to run anymore, so I did my best to ignore them. The descent into Llanberis was quite painful and with half a mile to go I had to have a little walk. Once I'd finished I felt fine (well, relatively), apart from my calves which were shot to pieces.

Finished in 3h51, in 317th place. I might do it again, but next time I'll do more road running beforehand :)


Haven't blogged for a while - too busy or too lazy? Maybe a bit of both...
Anyway, I'd meant to post something about american beer, which was broadly speaking very good. New Belgium was particularly ace.

Mmm beer.