Sunday, 8 July 2007

Rob's Stag weekend

What a weekend - back in Leeds for the first time in over 2 years, catching up with friends I hadn't seen for atleast that long. The occaision? Little Rob aka The Overseeer, aka Dr Chug was having his Stag do. There was nothing planned for Friday night so naturally we all met at becki and Lukes and drank red wine like it was going out of fashion. Woke up predictably early and dehydrated on Saturday and mooched around Sara and Aidan's place getting shot at by young Lucy and set about re-invigorating myself.
Went to X-scape in Castleford in the afternoon for a male bonding session: lazerquest with Rob, Aidan, Alge, Luke, Paul and Pete. I think most of us got our arses kicked by all the 9 year olds tearing about the place, I know I did, but Rob was apparently quite good, ranking as 3rd hardest "quester" - I guess it favours short people :-)
After that we did aerial rope course thing where most of us kacked ourselves, well pretty much everyone except Pete who was loving it. So yeah, we got wupped by 9 year olds and then acted like a bunch of sissies, it was brilliant.

Scooted back to Leeds for a cracking meal at Hansa's followed by drinks. Lots of drinks. We started in The Reliance, joined by Vix and Bex and Lisa and got things going with a tequila slammer. After one beer I switched to G&Ts to try to shake the bloated sleepy feeling. Everyone was flagging after the meal and I think it was only more Tequila that rescued us from slumber, but by about 11.30 we were hitting our stride I think. stayed in Reliance until they shut then went to North Bar until they shut, then onto the Sela Bar until they shut and then some other place that nobody remembers the name of (funny that...). It was carnage. Bex had her bag lifted, Lisa was apparently talking to herself in Sela and then fell asleep, I ended up with someone elses phone(?) and we finally rolled home at 4.45am. Rob collapsed on the garden Steps before rallying enough to wobble upstairs and pass out fully clothed, Alge videoed most of that scene and sent it to Lydia (his future wife) who received it on her way to church a few hours later.

Sara described my appearance the next morning as "shambollocks". Happy days!