Monday, 17 March 2008

Paddy Buckley recce - Elidir Fach - Foel-goch

Started from Llanberis, up to Dinorwig Bus Stop, up through the quarries, picked up the incline pretty quickly and took that to the winding shed at the top, then up another incline to the gate on the access road from Marcelyn. Followed a faint trod path from there to Elidir Fach, which had a chill northerly sweeping across it. There has a much clearer trod path from there up to Elidir Fawr, but the summit ridge was a boulder field akin to Tryfan. The path crosses from west to east of the ridge around the summit and is pretty clear dropping down to the saddle below Mynydd Perfydd. I skipped this peak for the more interesting looking Foel Goch. Then down to Nant Peris and back along the road. Pippa took it all in her stride. 10m, 1000m ascent, 2h45 mins.

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