Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Catch up part 2

Um, another blog gap. Whoops. My sister came up 2 weeks ago and we went to Penmachno for a fun packed Thursday night ride. Well, I say fun, in truth I was captain uncoordinated all night, but managed to not crash through the policy of riding quite slowly. Ho hum.

Went out on the road bikes on the Sunday - Beddgelert, Nantmor, Pen y Pass. Nice circuit marred slightly by a puncture. Time to replace those bag o'shite Michelin Lithions I think. I offered them to Wendy, but she didn't want them...

Last Thursday night I went up Snowdon with Alun. Fanbleedintastic! Up & down the Llanberis path, 2 hours to the summit where it was thick cloud and a bit parky. Alun donned his full body armour gimpsuit and flew down the descent while I didn't really bother trying to keep with him. If there's a better descent in the UK I want to hear about it!

Got up early saturday and took the road bike out for a scenic ride to Bangor via the surge Pools and Bethesda. Met Sue at the Station, sent her off to Manchester and drove home for DIY fun.

Sunday morning Matt came over and we ran up Moel Elio, back via lower Cefn Du. First half decent run for a while and I'm pleased to say it felt fine.

Tuesday night I went out and ran some hill reps on the road. It hurt.

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