Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Went to Ogwen on the way home from work to go for a run, it was a perfect evening so I went up Tryfan. Ok, it was more of a scramble than a run, but was oodles of fun nonetheless. Saw the RAF rescue helicopter on my way up, seems as though someone needed help getting off the hill. I decided that as I was only wearing shorts and T shirt and didn't have map, compass, spare clothes or food with me that it might be polite to give the Mountain rescue boys a wide bearth.

Tryfan was ace though, first time I'd been up to the top. although on the way down I'm pretty certain I passed the spot I'd reached with Pippa a while ago, when I turned back in the mist, not having a clue where i was - turned out I was about 40m below the summit. North Wales rocks.

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