Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Canoeing at Vallecito

We'd spent the night at the Vallecito resort, an RV park that seemed to be run by square dancing christians. When Sue went to pay the propritress said “hey Bill, this lady's from the UK and she's rented an RV with her husband and they're touring around, isn't that cool!”. So there you have it, square dancing christians think we're cool.

Hired a canadian canoe and went for a paddle on Vallecito reservoir which was fun, until we saw the rain clouds coming in. We made it back before the storm broke though and headed back through Durango to the Trimble hot springs - 50m swimming pool and 2 hot pools, all outdoors. Either I'm rubbish at swimming now or the altitude completely did me in.

headed of the road to camp off piste in the San Juan mountains by St Andrew's lake.

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