Sunday, 9 September 2007

Frisco (02/09/07)

We drove the RV down to Frisco – no great distance but we were very aware that at 9000ft and with no acclimatisation we were likely to be feeble UK bikers. Looking for an easy warm up ride we stumbled on the Shoreline trail that was lovely buff singletrack around the peninsula. We hadn't heard anything about this trail, it was just a line on the map, but it was great.

After that I bought some cleats that actually fitted the pedals on my Dawg. Not wanting to over do it on our first day we went shopping in Silverthorne, but I only came away with a $20 pair of lycra shorts. Sue was feeling pretty ropey by now so we headed back to the campground. I was dead sympathetic and took off on my bike again, popped over the hill and picked up Soda Creek trail – another gem. Colorado doesn't do duff trails. In fact all buff, no duff could be there tagline. Maybe.

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