Wednesday, 26 September 2007

More Colorado Trail

I rode out to do another bit of the Colorado trail while Sue headed for the more modest Flume Trails just north of Breckenridge. After a painful amount of climbing (there has been a pattern emerging here...) there was some very cool riding down some switchbacks, all quite alpine-esque I thought. After a while I began to get a bit concerned that the regular Colorado Trail waymarkers had disappeared. Having given the map to Sue I was relying on the guidebook to find my way around, now that I wasn't sure where I was the guidebook wasn't a lot of help. Sure enough, I ended up in Keystone – I'd descended into exactly the wrong valley. Oh well, it was a fun ride.

I then enjoyed a hot hour first trying to escape from the Keystone Ranch Golf retreat – all fenced in only one road in and out, no signposts. Ended up riding into silverthorne as I couldn't find a bus stop anywhere near Keystone. Eventually got back to the RV at Gold Run, very thirsty.

Meanwhile, sue had been having a great time on the flume trails and at 40 years + 1 day old experienced an epiphany – that riding bikes is more fun than hiking. So the plans to slog up Quandary (one of the 14er peaks) where shelved in order to spend our last two days in colorado squeezing as much fun as possible out of the trails.

Late in the afternoon we drove up Boreas Pass road and rode the Baker's Tank Loop, which was a nice way to spend an hour or so.

Went out for a day late birthday Mexican, Burrito del Mar and Margarita Gold – we need more Mexicans in our life.

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