Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Frisco, Monday 17th - another almost rest day

It rained hard during the night and was raining it's arse off in the morning. No riding today, so we went shopping instead, we deserved it after all. It brightened up by lunchtime so I went for a run and Sue went for a walk. I bumped into her shortly after setting off by which time she'd already acquired a dog, a long haired black retriever. I offered to take the dog off her hands and he gladly followed me, outpacing me all the way even with a few swims thrown in for good measure. I decided to name him “Boy” and he seemed happy with that. All good fun, but I couldn't take him back to the RV so I headed into town intending to find a friendly Police station or something, but before that happened Boy had wandered into a Coffee Shop, behind the counter and into the kitchen. The owner didn't seem fazed and said she'd call Animal Control to get him collected.

We parked up just out of Frisco at the end of the peninsula trail and spent the night there.

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